About Us

Who are we are? Teknoservice is Edmondo Belardo ... and Edmondo Belardo is Tecknoservice ... I, Edmondo Belardo, from a very young age, at the end of the 60s, began my first experiences in the family business as an apprentice in their service center, to arrive in the mid-70s to accumulate enough experience to undertake repairs on jukebox and pinball, but also on hi-fi and valve appliances. In 1979, he fully entered the fantastic world of Arcade, hired by an important Neapolitan company, as a technician specialized in Monitor and shortly after also electrical cards and pinball. We then arrive in the mid-80s, and following a refresher course, I was one of the few in Italy to have the means and skills for the repair of Slot Machines, especially of Spanish production, but the passion for play takes me even a few years later, to the repairs of amusement park rides. In 1992, following an excellent job offer, my activities moved to Puglia and then in 2003 to Sicily, now also working in the restoration of tube radios and measuring instruments from the 1950s, in addition to occupying myself almost full time in the sales but above all in the repairs of slot machines throughout Italy. We are in 2009 now, and the desire for new experiences takes me to the UK, where an important video game company hires me as a specialized technician for the maintenance of their products. At this point i realized the climate was not really suitable for my habits and thus lead me in 2017 to leave England to move to Spain, to Valencia, where I leave all other activities undertaken over the years to dedicate myself to my first love aka the Arcade that is now back fashion with the presence right here in Spain of numerous rooms, putting body,soul but especially heart & dedication , in repairing my monitors and cards. After a long journey that lasted more than 40 years, we return to our origins with so much more experience and a never-ending passion. 

Edmondo Belardo - Tecknoservice